2018 - From Portland to Australia! / by Holly Benham

I've been pretty terrible at keeping this blog up to date as this year has been so BUSY! Massively exciting projects including plein air painting festivals with Sculpture By The Lakes at Pallington Lakes, and a month long residency in Australia for Stephen and I. It has been a year full of opportunities taken and projects planned for the coming year. 

We now have a studio pottery for Stephen to create his beautiful ceramic pieces, and I have been able to experiment with incorporating my textiles with ceramics, both before and after firing with interesting results. We hope to extend this further next year and develop slipware bowls with textile surface detail. 

Plein air painting days in Dorset and Australia have given me chance to branch out and develop my painting techniques. Having come back to the UK fired up to concentrate on this, I have done little but printmaking! Having collected sand and stone samples of the wonderful Australian natural colours, I have been moved to experiment with painting and printing with home-ground pigments. These will form part of our upcoming exhibition at Upton Country Park in the new year.

Meanwhile, you can still purchase work from both of us at White Stones Cafe Gallery on Portland, and Edie Mae Cafe Gallery in Stourpaine (Grand Reopening 2nd December). Now to fly to Canada!!